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just unzip and run!

Source code and help are included in all zip files.

Choose the file according to your operating system:

DOS: (1 MB)
WIN: (900 kB)
LINUX: not available yet

For other platforms you have to compile it yourself
(programming knowledge and a lot of luck required :)

Without Executables: (300 kB)

ANN library and Trainer contain pure C++ code. Visualizer and LightChaser use
free Allegro game programming library by Shawn Hargreaves, which currently (May 2003 :) supports
DOS, Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, Irix, Solaris), Windows, QNX, and BeOS (MacOS port is in alpha stage).

As this project was mostly done as my bachelor thesis,
you can also download the thesis and presentation materials.
NB! They are in Estonian!
(230 kB; MS Word files)
(85 kB; MS PowerPoint presentation)

(1.2 MB PDF, almost like the printed thesis)