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MyANN applications

MyANN applications are free simple educational programs about multilayer feedforward neural networks. If you don't know anything about artificial neural networks (ANNs), then it would be a good idea to read Introduction to ANNs first.

MyANN applications are:

Trainer: creates a multilayer feedforward network and trains it. Saves the result into a file that is human readable and can also be used as a configuration file for the other two applications. Read Trainer help for more information.

Visualizer: visualizes created network. Allows user to change network inputs and see what happens. Read Visualizer help for more information.

LightChaser: an example about practical use of ANN. Simulates a light-sensitive "creature" whose movement is controlled by ANN. Read LightChaser help for more information.

If you have downloaded the package and don't know where to start, then start Visualizer first.
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