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Term Papers

Here are some other interesting works from my Bachelor's and Master's studies. They are all IN ESTONIAN!

Raising Awareness of the Importance of First Years in Child Development

A term paper in "Management of Education System" HUP8680, 20p, 2005.

The necessity of acquiring education after a certain age (the age of entering the school) is well understood in the society. However, there seem to be problems with understanding the developmental needs and possibilities of younger children. This term paper suggests some practical (i.e. not financially demanding) measures for making the knowledge "The groundwork for high quality life is laid already during the first years of child's life" to be considered self-evident in Estonian society.
TL_HSys_EstYhiskHarimine.pdf 455 KB)

Semiconductor Laser (+ Gibbs and Bolzmann distributions)

A paper for the exam in "Modern Physics II" YFT8192, 11p, 2004. Gives an overview of how semiconductor lasers work (and also of Gibbs and Bolzmann distributions, but that's apparently a bit less interesting).
TL_Pooljuhtlaser_GibbsBoltzmann.pdf (570 KB)

Multihop / Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

A term paper in "Computer networks" LAP5733, 30p, 2004. Gives an overview of MANETs.

Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) represent complex distributed systems that comprise wireless mobile nodes that can freely and dynamically self-organize into arbitrary and temporary, "ad-hoc" network topologies, allowing people and devices to seamlessly internetwork in areas with no pre-existing communication infrastructure (Chlamtac et al, 2003).
TL_MANET_ylevaade.pdf (766 KB)

The Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE)

A term paper in "Parallel architectures", 18p, 2004. Looks at some possibilities for reducing the time and effort needed for developing distributed software. Namely, the essence of patterns, frameworks and middleware is briefly covered and an overview of an object oriented tool ACE is given.
TL_ACE.pdf (678 KB)

Artificial vs. Biological Neural Networks

An essay for the course "Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Systems", 3p, 2004.
TL_TehisVsBiolANN.pdf (100 KB)

Interstitium: the Space Between Cells.

A term paper in "Introduction to biophysics", 25p, 2003. Gives an overview of the essence and role of the interstitium in human (and other higher animals') organism. Also helps to better understand the mechanisms of effect of some healthy activities.
TL_Interstiitsium.pdf (1.60 MB)

Controlling a Motor Using a PC

A report in "Automatic control systems - project" LAS3722, 14p, 2003.
TL_MootoriJuhtimine.pdf (274 KB)

Parallel Computing. Computer Clusters. Beowulf.

A term paper in "Computer networks - project", 50p, 2002.
TL_Klastrid.pdf (896 KB)

Onboard Measurement Systems in Aviation

A term paper in "Data acquisition and measurement systems" LEM5000, 2002.

Intellectual Property in the Information Society of the 21st Century

A paper for the exam in "Intellectual Property Law", 29p, 2001. Emphasizes that quite a lot of people actually consider the traditional way of protecting intellectual property (and the continuous strengthening of protective measures) harmful to the society in general and often even to the IP creators themselves.
TL_IntOmand21sajandil.pdf (335 KB)